Narrative Structures

Narrativity is the process which consists of story and plot, noted below are the main factors that should be considered when portraying an intended meaning and the message.

Setting is the time and location of a story, in some cases it can be more important to be considered than others.
The situation – weather conditions, atmosphere, mood, social conditions.
Setting the scene – whether it be theories, opening, narrative and conclusion.
The message – the message you want to portray
The audience – who is the target audience, age, gender, religion, are they political?
Establishment of characters – characteristics of a person involved.
The creation of situations with possibilities of what may happen next which can intrigue the audience further or less.
Symbolism – suggestions of feelings, deeper meanings of more significance.
Conflict – internal or external which helps move the story on.
Use of light suggestive tones – hints, not making the story to obvious.
Visual tension and cohesion from one image to the next which effects how the story flows and comes across to the audience to create a certain feeling or impact.
Point of view e.g 1st person, 3rd person.


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