Philip Lorca Di Corcia


Dicorcia is extremely well known for his narrative images which are staged and depict intimate moments, especially in his series ‘hustlers’.

“DD: The narrative  of Hustlers is so tied up in the ‘American Dream’ and the cultural and political wars of the time – has there been any shift?

Philip-Lorca diCorcia: The series was almost meant to be a catalogue because these men have commoditised themselves out of desperation – and they’re in Hollywood, which makes commodities out of people anyway. In a sense there’s a change: there’s gay marriage, but a lot of the guys in that series were gay for pay and I don’t think that context has changed at all: methamphetamine is as big a drug as it ever was. Amongst young gay men, the incidence of Aids has gone way up: if you get sick, you just take the pills. It’s just that there’s nobody to demonise anymore: you can’t blame everything on Ronald Reagan. The United States hasn’t suddenly become liberal: most of the country is as conservative as it ever was, maybe more so, and everybody can see the huge divide between the right and left which has made the country almost ungovernable.”


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