Project Proposal – One/Everything is Connected


Working title:          One/Everything is Connected

For my initial idea I intend to create a short film based upon synchronicity and how everything of existence is connected together, whether it be through patterns in nature or human form. Although there is not a great deal of solid evidence for this, there are many accounts of research to back this idea up.
My short film will start by an opening scene of nature and will continue with reoccurring patterns through different scales of reality which could be as small as an ants nest to filming a busy city from above to compare the similarities of patterns in our everyday lives.
The reason I am looking to create a short film is I feel it will convey the idea in its best form. I intend to bring awareness on becoming reflective to the fact that everything is connected in day to day life and to bring a consciousness of this.
Aims & Objectives

My aims and objectives include completing research so I thoroughly understand my choice of subject.
Researching into current and past practitioners who may have worked upon similar projects, taking into account how they have approached this kind of project.
Creating a symbolic approach to my video.
Learning how to create a time lapse, as I wish to include this to distinguish a sense of time passing and a cycle of life.
Learning how to edit my video using and other sources.

My intended audience will be a gallery.

What support do you require? I require support on learning how to film and edit videos successfully as I have never approached this before.

The equipment I would like to use to enable me to film successfully will be a tripod, a canon 5dsr and more to keep a steady/stable approach when filming.
Video editing software for example Premiere Pro, Microsoft windows video maker or other.

Travel will include visiting parks to enable me to film nature, buildings within the city to include architecture (geometric shapes that are visible and apparent between both).

My project may become costly due to travel expenses.


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