Idea 1 Everything Is Connected – Shoot One – Stills and Video

My first shoot consisted of focusing on patterns within the natural and the man made, I set about Manchester with my camera and started shooting repetition and patterns around the city, big or small. The aim of this shoot was to create diptychs of contrasting surfaces to show the idea of everything being connected to everything else.

The arrangements in each diptych are close up with the main purpose being to put emphasis on the patterns in the images, they have all been shot in a similar and coherent way as to not confuse the viewer about the theme of the work.
Controlled lighting has not been used as I wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible and using a controlled source of light may have distracted from the patterns. Angles used are dependent on what is being shot – such as the plant has been shot looking down from above, with the reason being metaphorically to create a message of nature being vulnerable alongside creating symmetry and showing the beauty of what is often overlooked in everyday life.
The first image of the ceiling has been shot from looking upwards in the centre of the room and then cropped in post editing which has then been attached to an image I shot of nature. The image of the ceiling was originally a full circle (with the circle symbolizing the notions of totality, wholeness and cyclic movement), I then decided to replace the other half of the circle with an image of a tree (nature) which I felt looked aesthetically pleasing against it to engage the viewer and to as well portray the message that everything is connected, the main reason for choosing to create diptychs as I feel it worked well in this instance to show my intended meaning.


During the making of my video I had struggled to make it engaging and to deliver the message to the audience successfully. From previous research of moving image made in regards to narrative worked well with stills on either side of moving image, In the video I made I tried to include this. I feel adding text such as quoting over the stills would engage  and persuade the audience further in to the intended message. A second way would be to add more ambient music to give a softer and slower effect to make it easier to digest.



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