Practitioner research.



Ciara Leeming. – Elvira and Me.
Elvira and me is a collaboration by Ciara Leeming and Roma Constantin. The project focuses on a Romanian woman with two lives, one in Romania and one in the UK. I feel it is relevant to research as it strongly links to my own project about documenting the transition of moving from one country to the next and the implications that has had on both of her lives at home and in the UK.
Leeming worked on this project with Elvira for over a year to gain her trust and let her gain an insight into her personal and day to day life.

Taken from Ciara’s website a quote by Elvira:

“Ramona and Elvira are like twins with very different characters, two parts of one person. It’s one head, one face, but two different minds.

“Elvira is a dreamer but Ramona makes dreams come true. Elvira is open to love but Ramona is fighting with love. Ramona thinks Elvira’s crazy and Elvira thinks Ramona’s crazy. I say both of them are crazy. You cannot be two people, you have to be one.”

In my opinion this is a greatly inspirational short documentary which gives the audience a great insight about something that is completely hidden when romanian women are ever mentioned in the media as usually they don’t have the best stigma. However I feel this is able to change a great amount of perspectives as it tells the delicate personal story of Roma, her challenges faced and just how much she has sacrificed to be able to better her self and her own life. The film starts by introducing Roma and a little about her background, this already makes it a very personal approach which then goes on to show a close up still of Roma and her family back in Romania which creates context about her situation as the audience can tell from the setting and the living conditions. The film then moves on to show Roma’s life here in the UK and how much a better quality of life she has here although away from her family and comforts she has chosen to sacrifice. The film consists mainly of stills to tell the narrative with video used in between which creates a powerful sequence and is something I want to take into my own project. The fact the fade between each shot is slightly drawn out and slowed it makes it much easier for the audience to digest and become more understanding of the narrative and engages the audience which is also something I will take into account when creating my edits. I also think that the fact no music has been used in this short film creates a greater impact that if there were to be, as sometimes sound can take away from the overall project.


Uta Barth.


Gustavo Minas
Gustavo Minas moved to Brazil in 2014 and couldn’t help but feel like an outsider to his home town. He didn’t like the open spaces, the roads were unable to be walked on and he didn’t like that everyone was confined to cars as it made him feel separate. The only place he felt connected to others with a buzz was the central station of the city. The two photos above are from his series Bus Stop which was produced due to his need to connect with others in a new place.
I have included Minas in my research work as I feel it relates to my own project in many ways, the photographer himself has through his own work portrayed his feelings through a form of art, photography. Similar to the narrative of my project for this module, it discusses the issues faced when moving to a new place. Bus stops shows to me the disconnection Minas felt when he moved to a new place, purely to the subjects of this series mainly being alone but surrounded by many people and signs of living beings such as transportation.
I think the second image shows this particularly well as there are shadows contrasting against the yellow background facing the same way whereas the gentleman in front in physical presence is facing the opposite way which shows he is not conforming or ‘fitting in’.
I will take influence from Minas’ series Bus stops as it looks into what it feels like when moving somewhere new.

Charlie Kwai

Arianna Lago –
Nostalgia In Technicolour.

Arianna Lago is an italian Photographer who longs for italian landscapes in her work, the first thing I noticed when looking at her work was the colours and composition, I think they are beautiful to look at. Lago creates an idealistic view of the world through her photography or is the world really that colourful and we don’t notice it?
Her work includes still life, reportages, portraits and editorials. Lago doesn’t have a particular area but says her inspiration comes from travelling and the use of colour which is evident in all of her photos.
I am following Lago on instagram and only just became aware of how great of an inspiration she is to me, she shoots the majority of her work using colour 35mm film and it has encouraged me to be a little less scared of using analog photography to produce my work, especially as many fashion photographers do.
I am including Lago in my research as not only does her work spark something in me as I think it is beautiful and feminine but her work focuses on longing for her home ground as whereas there is much opportunity in London for work and lifestyle, she misses dearly her origin, the landscapes and light of Italy.

Duran Levinson – Spontaneous Travel Book

Duran Levinson is a South African based Cinematographer and Photographer who spends his time between Asia and South Asia, he shoots mainly street and portraiture. Most of his work seems natural and as simplistic as possible which is something that stands out to me and it is that I would like to take as inspiration into my own work for this project.
Levinson says he wants to create images with the idea of being an outsider peering in, which links to my project of migration and experiencing something new for the first time.


Soraya Duabron – Human Details

dc46jhwzwv5m2cohf6ywSoraya Duabron’s work was very noticeable to me, she can capture the personalities of her subjects in the photographic moment . From an interview with Metal Magazine the artist talks about wanting to capture the real, sincerity and something that is natural and non staged which is also what I want to achieve from this particular project. She says knowing the person she is working with adds to the closeness and this is the key to capturing real emotions and expressions. In her work the thing I want to take inspiration from the most is the natural effect she uses to create a real environment.

Tom Hunter

The photos above are from the series Holly Street Residents by critically acclaimed artist which were taken in Hackney, London in 1997. During this time the towerblock was in the process of redevelopment, I admire this series as it depicts a sensitive view of the people living there and makes the viewer feel a sadness that their homes are being taken away without any choice in the matter. This series has a double meaning, for the subjects these photos will become a memory and for history it acts as documentation for the environments in which people lived during the late 90’s.

I wish to show the dignity of how Hunter portrays his subjects in my own work and in their own environments. i intend to make my subjects feel important and I intend to spend time with them, getting to know them just as Hunter mentions in his website when describing his own process, I think this really shows in the final outcome of the image,especially as my intention for this project is personal.


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