Reflection 1

After researching the idea of Everything Being Connected , there are multiple agreements and disagreements as to whether this is a solid fact. Although there are many non scientific and scientific views on this idea, in relation to the brief I feel it is a difficult subject to create a narrative around, to engage the audience successfully as it is a completely subjective idea and that is the reason I have decided to change my idea in which to create a narrative more successfully.

In relation to the idea of everything being connected and creating a story around this, I attempted to create a time lapse of a Lily flower opening. By researching how to create a home studio by blacking out a confined space to create contrast between the subject and the background, using two red lamps and lukewarm water to increase the time of the flower blooming and filming for a number of days to then be able to edit and create the timelapse of the flower. I invested in two lamps, two red fireglow lightbulbs, a bunch of Lilys and leant equipment from the University such as a sturdy filming tripod, canon 5dsr, 50mm 1.8 lens, charger for the batterys, however I didn’t take in to consideration the length of time the camera would need to be running for (approx 2/3 days whilst the flowers bloomed) which would mean I would need to use a battery pack extended on to the camera. If I didn’t use a specialised battery pack to keep the camera on, when changing the battery I would need to take in to consideration the continuancy of each shot to ensure the effect was realistic and ran smoothly throughout. Although this idea was not successful at this time, it is an idea I would like to practice with to get right and create in time outside university projects, as personal work.

Project Proposal

I am now choosing to focus my Areas of Photographic practice project on the experience of moving to a new way of life as I believe this is a much more open topic to discuss through means of creating a narrative rather than Everything Is Connected. I want to create this by showing the topic through a narrative structure of film and still images. I aim to create a personal documentary approach to this and investigate the experience on the individual such as the challenges faced, feelings, familiarization, cultural differences and memories of home.

I wish to produce this body of work to create a personal perspective on moving to a new place, to give the audience an insight on what it is like to experience uprooting your life, starting completely fresh and choosing whether to take on the new culture and lifestyle.

Aims & Objectives
My intended approach is to conduct interviews and personal experience of others through my research. I aim to show this in a Documentary format to give my audience an approach of realness through a narrative of an individual’s experience. I aim to inform my intended audience of the individual’s story to bring awareness of cultural differences and similarities faced when moving somewhere new. There are many reasons why people decide to move to a new country or place either for work or educational reasons. Statistics show that more than three percent of the world has migrated (232 Million people) therefore my intended audience could be very broad however I want to focus on the younger generation as this is a fast growing trend. From statistics the age of young people both male and female leaving home to move country is between 19 – 27.

The support I require will be to borrow equipment such as camera, lens’, tripod, lighting from the University. Travel considerations will involve getting to and from locations I choose to film at. In regards to the individual involved in the Documentary I will take this into account to give something back to them to say Thank you for taking part.



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