Yoanna’s Story/ The interview.

I have chosen to focus on telling the story of Yoanna, a friend and fellow student at The University of Salford. Yoanna kindly agreed to let me interview her on the experience she faced when moving from Bulgaria to the UK. When putting together the interview, I considered how the questions I ask would determine the influence of the answer in regards to her own experience, I want to show the portrayal of Yoanna’s experience as honestt and real as possible and to not rehearse or pre meditate the outcome, as to not influence her answers I asked open questions. I intended to create a more personal point of view by focusing solely on Yoanna’s experience rather than asking a range of people who have chosen to migrate for different reasons, as this would change the context and meaning of the outcome by giving a broader point of view of youth migration, rather than keeping it personal. From my initial write up of my proposal where I did not specify focusing on one individual, this has developed since and I believe by doing this it will engage my audience further and create a stronger message as it is now a more personal perspective.


Q)What made you come to the uk?

A) IĀ decided to come to the UK because there are more creative opportunities than where I am from in Bulgaria. I wanted to live in an English speaking country so it would broaden my horizons.

Audience interpretation) The answer gives the audience a point of view (I) and the reasons Yoanna chose to come to the UK and to leave her home country. Which as mentioned in my research one of the reasons many younger individuals choose to migrate can be due to more opportunities overseas, at this point it generalises the context of the film.

Q)How did you feel when you first came here?

A)When I came to the uk I was with my mum so I didn’t feel that lonely but she left after a few days and then I realised that I have to become independent and responsible. I already knew a few people but they weren’t like my close friends back home.

Audience interpretation) Yoanna talks of self growth by learning to become independent and responsible on her own, it gives the audience an insight as to what can be expected or learnt from an experience such as this.

Q)Did you face any challenges?

A)At first I was lost, I already knew how to speak English but the northern accent was hard to get used to but the chicken makes up for it.

Audience interpretation) Yoanna gives a more personal point of view of her own, which gives some comedic value to the film and her personality shines through of how upbeat and positive she is as a person.

Q)How Is the culture different here to Bulgaria?

A)I realised that people are much more open minded in the UK about looking or acting a certain way. In Bulgaria I was walking down the street and I got many comments for having blue hair. In the UK I am able to be more myself and have more freedom, I didn’t feel like I had to adjust because people were welcoming.

Audience interpretation) Yoanna compares her own opinion of how she is perceived in Bulgaria compared to in the UK. It could to some extent give an impression to the audience that Bulgaria as a society is quite negative, which myself and Yoanna mutually agreed to try to move away from this as it could be seen as ethically wrong or insensitive/stereotyping but as this film is based around her own personal experience, I felt it was okay to include.

Q)Is there anything you miss from home?

A)Even though I prefer being here I miss my family, my friends, Pets, Bulgarian food.
I love living in Manchester because there are different varieties of architecture from old to new and I find this really interesting. Living in a city like Manchester is good because there is always something to do, I never feel lonely.

Audience interpretation) The interview ends on a positive note of Yoanna explaining her feelings towards living in the UK, I feel this gives overall a positive point of view from Yoanna and shows the audience that moving away from home for reasons such as to ‘broaden horizons’ can be in best interests and in Yoanna’s case be a great positive.


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