Film example – Stylized narrative documentary.

LA Dreamers by Dani Fortuny.

Dani Fortuny is a filmmaker from Barcelona, he focuses his talent mainly aesthetically when storytelling. The above short narrative documentary tells the story of five girls who meet in LA, who all share the same dream. I have included this in my blog not due to the narrative alone but purely because of the beautiful way it has been shot and how the story unravels throughout the length of the film. The introduction of the individuals is done without words and I feel this is a more powerful way of doing so rather than including narration. The sound, music choice and aesthetic (colours, location) of this film makes it strong in my opinion and inspires my own work in the way I would like to achieve similar colours in my own project either by technically shooting with specific lighting or lens’ and post production.
Dialogue tells the story with text over the individual characters personal stories which works really well in this setting. It is a different type to the conventional straight documentary, you can tell it has been heavily worked on and much time has been taken with production and editing here. The story is told from the individuals point of view which gives it a much more personal than using narration, the multiple viewpoints of each girl don’t contradict eachother but come together to create a strong force which conveys unity and strength of working together and also the culture of females in hip hop. Through the text included in the film, the characters talk of other points of view from family on their choice of career path which gives an insight in to what it is like to be young and to go against convention, it also comments on Japanese society and how it is seen through the eyes of the individual. The truth of the story unravels as the film proceeds on, the impact this has on the overall film may signify relate to the narrative as it mentions there is a struggle to decide to move to Japan to pursue their career but in the end it all prevails.

From the comments below from the director of the film the grading was achieved by shooting at 1600 ISO and sub exposing by three stops. To achieve the production an easy rig was used with arri alexa mini and zeiss standard 2.1 lens.


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