Film example – Short Documentary.

Short film documentary – Living on a shoe string
Above is a documentary based around the life of busker, Jools Baker and the challenges faced in his day to day life. Looking further the director speaks about the making of the documentary: “During my time with Jools – following him around as he plays his sax and entertains the public on the streets – my perception of what busking is and why people do it has changed dramatically. Busking and street entertainment is a way of life and a career choice for many musicians like Jools. Jools chose to sell his flat and opt for a life on the road living out of his van, so I ask the question: can a musician make a living from busking?”

I think within this documentary not only is it nicely shot with great audio and editing,
the audience is informed  and given a complete insight to the life of the busker that might be overlooked from just passing by on the street in day to day life. The content within the film is concise and very clear from what the busker tells us about his experiences. This is something I would like to achieve from my own documentary, to bring an insight into an individuals life and tell a story through this.
In regards to the shooting style, I like how the introductory scene has used text to open the documentary with a creative title that links to the short film, then it moves on to panning around the buskers home which creates a largely personal feel from the set of, I think this is an effective way of setting the mood of a piece of film as it gives context about the individual and his situation. Scenes then cut from a medium close up to mid and medium long shot which gives perspective and it also engages the viewer. By changing setting of the documentary this is also effective in engaging the audience.
To me this documentary is successful as it tells a truthful story about the individual, it is objective in association to the subject. Truths are presented that give an insight to the day to day life of what it is like to be a busker. The documentary includes the point of view only of the life of the busker, Jools Baker and I feel it is arguing in the event of himself to bring awareness of just how many challenges and also enjoyment he faces throughout. As the director follows the busker around in his life from day to day it becomes easy for the audience to understand the viewpoint. The conventions of the documentary consist of interviews and archival footage which creates a believable approach. Before watching this documentary I probably wouldn’t have thought much deeper than dropping change into the buskers penny bucket but this documentary informs us about his personal life and delves deeper.


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