Film example -Short film.

Human Made Stories – Erik Johansson.

Above is a short documentary about montage photographer and artist Erik Johansson, directed by D.A.R.Y.L. This mini doc stood out to me because of how beautifully it has been shot. The film gives a message that everything we use is made by humans and has been framed and put together in such a way that I watched it three times over.
The perspective of the documentary is an outsider looking onto the creative process of practitioner Erik Johansson and it is a viewpoint which the audience can relate to as it is simple and a straight forward story with the tone of the film being poetic and dreamy due to the grading and cinematography. The documentary uses narration and music however I feel the film mostly depends on the visuals to make it the most embracing for the audience which I personally feel evoke the most emotion in the audience. The director has chosen to unravel the narrative and Erik Johansson’s creative process which closes with the end result of his work framed and the artist able to overlook his work proudly. The message of the way this is revealed as the film moves on give the audience a message this that although there is hard work involved, it pays off when the end result is finalized.
The shot doc was created by the agency Grey London, produced by Pulse Films,
Director: D. A. R. Y. L. on Arri Alexa and RED with grading by Matthieu Toullet, Director of Photography was Ross Mclennan. This puts into perspective for me the amount of talented people and time is takes to create such a successful and beautiful production such as Human Made Stories.


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