Critique 1:

During the first critique for the module Areas of Photographic Practice we were all asked to bring our first draft of our project proposals. At this time I am focusing on the idea that “Everything is Connected” by showing this through the Parallels of man and nature. Below is the first rough draft which I later improved and made a more clarified version:

“The short film I intend to create is based upon synchronicity, how everything is connected and how much we as humans have lost touch with nature. We are all one and equal rather than how society likes to inflate an individuals ego with consumption without thought to the impact on our environment. The main focus is to bring awareness to becoming reflective to nature and more conscious of how we should care about our world around us.
A female features in the film at certain crucial points to represent mother nature and how vulnerable she can be made to feel. I intend to do this by showing a strong scene of nature using a projector over the model. The timing in which she appears will be short but giving enough time for the audience to gain the message of mother nature being something we overlook in day to day life and to convey empathy within the audience. I intend to include a timelapse of nature growing (flower buds opening, closing. Trees making movement in the wind and waves of the sea moving in and out of the shore.) To attempt to engage the audience within the beauty of nature.

My initial reference points are;
Carl Jung – Synchronicity
Ted talks – everything is connected by Tom Chi.

We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TedxHackney.”

Through discussing my references and the intention to create a timelapse within nature, I spoke around engaging the audience within the beauty of nature.The feedback given was that editing would be the main time focus rather than the shooting. I was advised to keep it simple, to narrow down and specify rather than include all aspects and this could very much confuse the viewer. I noted these points down and agreed with them.

After re reading the brief after the session I decided it didn’t necessarily fit in with telling a story or a narrative and I became to struggle with thinking of ways to engage my audience to create the context in order to make my intention to the audience clear on the matter by controlling the message.


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