Documentary example:Streetwise in Seattle.

Streetwise is a 1984 documentary directed by Martin Bell which was created after a Life Magazine article by writer Cheryl McCall and Photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Based around the desperation of the homeless youth culture in Seattle (supposedly one of the  most liveable cities) at the time, to me it is an extremely powerful, saddening and moving piece which highlights just how severe underground youth culture could become in association to homelessness linking to crime, prostitution and drugs.

Who? – Streetwise is based on homeless youth living in the margins of society.
What? – Focusing on the desperation of homeless youth culture and the issues they face in relation to struggles such as drugs, crime and prostitution.
Where? – Based in Seattle to reveal that although it was seen to be one of the most liveable places in America at that time, these issues were happening and real.
Why? – To bring the issues of homeless youth culture to the forefront and to raise awareness of these issues.
When? – Based in 1984, which makes it increasingly impacting as that wasn’t too long ago.

In regards to the theme Streetwise isn’t directly linked to my idea however it is a documentary that shows the stories and personal lives of young people which does relate to my short documentary, it is informative of the hidden troubles of the time and unforgettable to me since I first watched it.


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