Workshop 2: Video editing Basics


My first thought of creating narrative inspired short film was a little intimidating as it is my first experience of learning to create moving image but it is incredibly interesting and the possibilities to create a message through this are endless, after researching further in to fashion photography there seems to be more encouragement for the use of fashion film and this is the main reason I decided to learn how to proceed with Premiere Pro, not just for the fact that I felt I would best be able to convey my idea as a narrative but because I wanted to challenge myself and keep this as a skill for future use. The first thing we were talked through was to create a subfolder with all our footage inside to be able to open up the files in Premier Pro CC. Next we were shown around Premiere Pro to become more accustomed to the program. We were talked through how to use the file browser and how to create a sequence which was a useful technique.

The viewer is the screen on the left which lets you preview clips, transitions and colour grading. I learnt the process of editing individual clips by choosing in and out points and then applying to the selection.
The timeline is the place where everything works together, audio, image and video are able to be arranged to your own desired outcome.

Process of the first video edit.
Setting my project up included knowing the format of my moving image, the resolution and the codec (h.264). Next I imported the footage I wanted to use to create my video. After arranging the files in the order I wanted them by using the timeline, I then cut/shortened my clips where I thought there could have been less of the clip used to give the same message, deciding to show the most informative sections. When I was happy with my order I then edited the clips adding transitions from scene to scene so that the cuts were not so drastic, jumpy and too distracting for the audience.


There were many transitions to choose from but I feel the ones that work the best and give a naturalistic effect as so not to distract the viewer from the story is linear wipe, dissolve and block dissolve, there is also a tool to increase the time the transitions between each frame last for to increase the gradual shift from scene to scene more effectively in this case.

The time and the space between each clip will effect the way the audience sees the final result, for example a shot but fast paced cutting of clips might create a sense of urgency for the viewer and this is best used when creating an action film. Whereas slower clips can be used to build suspense and effective when used to reveal information.

Feedback on creating my first video edit.

I really enjoyed being introduced to premiere pro and I think it is a great and very professional platform on how to display a video/moving image. I intend to use premiere pro to sequence my film together although i will definitely research for tutorials on how to become confident with this programme.








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