Developed plan of final film sequence.

Before the plan of my final sequence and filming, an interview was conducted to give me inspiration of how to envision the sequence of my film and how to portray through moving image.


To open the film I intend to depict an ending of a journey, the reason for this is to set the scene to the audience and give an impression of an arrival, and in Yoanna’s case depicitng her arriving in Manchester. This way the audience is given an insight to the setting in association to travel.  I feel the best way to do this is to film a first person perspective of a train journey, the reason for filming from first person perspective will be to give the point of view of what Yoanna has encountered on her journey to the UK.

I plan to introduce a train journey in the next scene to link from the introducing scene but this time give a second person point of view, the audience at this point will gain insight to who the main focus is and give more context to the story. I intend show Yoanna alone on the train to signify the independence it requires to uproot and move away from home to a completely different culture and place. I intend to not show her face during this scene as i feel it will show a more thoughtful perspective of her looking out over the city, i want to show feelings of anticipation on arriving to a new place through this action and scene.

In the second part of the middle section I plan to change the setting and take the audience in to Yoanna’s own home environment to give insight further in to her personal life. At this point in the film I will place the audio where Yoanna discusses her feelings towards first arriving in the UK. I will include aspects of her life back home to bring juxtaposition of two lives Yoanna leads to bring this forward to the audience. I want to also show aspects of Yoanna’s positive and cheerful personality to give a high-spirited atmosphere to this section of the film.

The interview with Yoanna then moves on to how the culture is different in the UK in comparison to Bulgaria. Yoanna gives her own opinion of how she is perceived in Bulgaria compared to in the UK. It could to some extent give an impression to the audience that Bulgaria as a society is quite negative, which myself and Yoanna mutually agreed to try to move away from this as it could be seen as ethically wrong or insensitive/stereotyping but as this film is based around her own personal experience, I felt it was okay to include. During this section I want to show Yoanna in a natural/relaxed atmosphere as she tells during the interview of being able to have more freedom in the UK.

At the end of the film I want to end on a positive note as Yoanna’s main experience of the UK as she mentions in the interview is a positive experience. I want to finish the film with a wider outlook of the city Yoanna now lives in, Manchester. I intend to incorporate timelapse to signify time passing and to highlight how busy city life can be as Yoanna mentions during the last section of the interview that she never feels lonely here and there is always things to do.


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