Finalized Edit – Yoanna’s Story

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-06-32-01This is the final edit, the one I feel I am most happy with and the one I feel I have shown my progression and development with learning how to use premiere pro. From never having used this programme before 6 weeks ago, I am really happy with this outcome and feel I have learnt and become competent in a programme i was initially intimidated by.

In regards to the Era, I tried my best to depict a growing trend of ‘Wanderlust’ which means a strong desire to travel, throughout the colour by including scenes which involve lighting which is very dream like, uplifting, warm and youthful to depict Yoanna’s personality and to engage the Millennial generation, my inspiration for this was taken from my artist research of fashion documentary photographers such as Duran Levinson – My Spontaneous Travel Book.

I feel as though the skyline in certain scenes such as the scene in which Yoanna is on the balcony smoking a cigarette relates in accordance to the photo taken by Duran Levinson on the above right which depicts a relaxed/casual looking shot of a girl sat on a Bench with a look of indifference, similar to how Yoanna looks across on to the city from her Balcony in thought. The colours in certain scenes such as the opening of Yoanna on the train (reds in her coat,blue in her hair,warm sun) are vibrant and remind me of the photo to the left also taken by Duran Levinson.

By referring back to my initial proposal of intention i feel i have achieved what i initially set out to in regards to Yoanna’s story. hopefully the audience will understand my intent to portray a personal cinematic and stylized documentary in regards to her own experience of youth migration.




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