Self Evaluation

My aim for Areas Of Photographic Practice was to:

  •     Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of digital image creation to audience development.
    I feel I have been successful in understanding the relationship of digital image creation in order to give the audience development through researching semiotics, how different elements can change the meaning of a piece whether it be stills or through moving image/filmic. I conducted research in regard to signifiers and the signified which for example could mean what people wear and how they speak such as if an individual wears glasses he could be perceived as intelligent as it comes down to Ideology (what people believe).
  • Research/Problem solve production techniques in the creation of digital image portfolios.
    I have problem solved by learning how to use certain techniques into the production of my short documentary film, such as the breaking up of two scenes by placing the title in between them to give the impression of a different time as they initally did not run coherently or link, however now I feel as though by problem solving this issue it now does. I edited the audio at different places enabling it to fade in and out so it wasn’t to drown out Yoanna’s voice during the interview. Another example of problem solving by shortening the footage to enable and to keep audience engagement.
  • Critically evaluate how research and production methods can inform photographic practices and resultant outputs.
    6 weeks ago I hadn’t stepped foot in to premiere pro however due to the support of John’s workshop sessions and independant research from I feel I am now fairly competent in premiere pro,  as well as understanding how to engage my audience with a narrative/message.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how theoretical considerations might affect outputs.
    I feel I have been able to consider and reflect in my blog how Theoretical considerations such as the theory’s i have mentioned during my research (Semiotics, ideology and others)  can change the way the audience can view a piece, it could be something such as the clothes a person wheres or how the shot has been framed… in relation to Stephen Shore’s book where he discusses framing (what is left in and out, why?) all pay tribute to how the audience perceive the work.
  • Build on and adopt individual processes of research and production to independent led scenarios.
    I feel this section of the brief related to my intent of time of day to shoot, (4-5pm to catch the best natural light to give the film a warm and cinematic approach which worked out well and I feel this successfully depicts a feeling of wanderlust along with the ambient music, i hope this inspires my audience and gives more of an insight in to the experience of moving away from home as apart of the younger generation, the courage it takes and what this involves leaving behind and looking forward to.
  • select appropriate processes for photographic research, production and output
  • apply knowledge to assess choice and processes and be able to articulate these choices through ideas to professionals and relevant stakeholders.I personally feel this documentary that focuses on youth migration, the representation through yoanna’s story directed in a cinematic style would be ideally shown in a documentary magazine such as:

    vice video originated as VICE Magazine and then branched on to producing videos which features documentary only. I feel this is the ideal documentary channel to present my documentary as it focuses on under reported stories and youth migration is rarely reported as i believe it is happening more and more due to researching the depths of social media and how accessible  travel for Millenials are through this project.

    Self Assessment
    I have very much enjoyed learning to create moving image with the programme premiere pro cc, especially as i feel i have grown confidence and eagerness in creating moving image/film from overcoming my initial intimidation for it. Although this was to create a narrative short piece i would definitely love to use the skills i have learned again in future and to be able to progress further in to moving image as it is something I have really enjoyed producing and feel i have put alot of effort in to. In the future I plan to really think sensibly from the beginning about my chosen first idea and try to generate inspiration especially in regards to developing from the offset as that is what i felt was lacking due to the failure of the initial idea ‘everything is connected’ – Although i chose to change my idea part way through the project this put me on the back foot with my whole project and research. This is something I want to avoid doing in future by thinking more carefully about planning and choosing an idea i am fully knowledgable about and can have confidence to proceed with.


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