The Depictive Level

The depictive level consists of the following in which Stephen Shore discusses in his book ‘The Nature of Photographs’ which was first published in 1988:

Framing: What is included/ excluded:
“For some pictures the frame acts passively. It is where the picture ends.The structure of the picture begins within the image and works its way out to the frame” and “For some pictures the frame is active. The structure of the picture begins with the frame and works inwards”.

Whats being focused on..

Time: The time of day, era, cultural, social – as Shore says “.. generating a new moment” Photographic technique and the intent of the final piece is the best way to show time. Movement as blur, long exposures show large amounts of time whereas time that stands still can be shown through small aperture and extremely long exposure.

Physicality: Where you place yourself; whether that be first, second or third person within the photo or film and the effect that has on the audience.

Reference for source:

The Nature of Photographs by Stephen Shore

© 2016 Bob Coe’s OCA Learning Log

What have I learnt from researching the depictive level?

Looking in to the Depictive level has helped me to consider how to shoot my film. In terms of framing it has helped me consider what to leave in and take out of the frame to enable me to convey my intended message to the audience. From this I have decided to cut down and shorten certain aspects of my sequences, as I realized that it is better to make it concise rather than disengaging and too long that the audience will become bored.
In regards to Time within the Depictive level, It helped me to consider sequence order such as time of day the scenes were shot and how I would depict each sequence throughout my film so that the film tells a narrative. In regards to the Era, I tried my best to depict a growing trend of ‘Wanderlust’ which means a strong desire to travel, throughout the colour by including scenes which involve lighting which is very dream like, uplifting, warm and youthful to depict Yoanna’s personality and to engage the Millennial generation.

How I plan to display my Short Documentary: Yoanna’s Story.
I plan to show the short documentary in a gallery through form of projector, as my intent is for the audience to become immersed within Yoanna’s story and to engage with the colours, lighting and become inspired by Yoanna’s experience I intend to show the projected version of this ideally on quite a large scale as I feel this will be the best form of gaining focus from a documentary interview and film.


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