The Editing Process of Yoanna’s Story.

Scene sequences, first edit of Yoanna’s Story.

The opening scene of the short moving image piece pictures a train journey from a first person perspective, I set the scene with this as it gives an idea of arriving in a place. The train conductor announces the next stop as ‘Manchester Oxford Road’ which specifies arrival in the city.
Later after showing this to peers I decided to shorten it as it was significantly longer before, I wanted to create a longer lasting opening scene as I thought it would build atmosphere to gain the engagement of the audience before the audio began but once edited I realised it flowed more eloquently being shorter and more to the point. It then cuts to the next scene with Yoanna sat staring thoughtfully out of the window over the city, with a voiceover of herself discussing the reason she came to move to England which gives context to the audience about the narrative.

The scene then cuts to Yoanna talking on a more personal level about her feelings on how she felt when she first came here which for this I decided to place over a scene of Yoanna in her own home environment to create a more personal point of view visually alongside the audio. As Yoanna begins to talk about her friends back home I placed two stills of pictures she keeps of her friends back home alongside the audio to highlight this. The next scene moves to Yoanna on her balcony having a cigarette, talking about how the Northern accent was hard to understand at first, she then mentions how other aspects make up for it. Here she is shown happy and relaxed which gives a lighter feel for the audience and shows her personality as positive and happy. Then the narrative moves to a more serious note when Yoanna tells the story of her experience’s in Bulgaria compared to England which highlights the differences in changing cultures and countries and adjusting to the different ways of life. The closing scene is of a timelapse of Manchester from above and ground view to signify where she is living now, to give the audience a sense of place.

Final Edit Changes –

How I developed this when revisiting the edit.

Once I had revisited my first draft edit of Yoanna’s story I decided I should return to it and spend much more time developing it to a standard I was happy with. Previously  I hadn’t considered each aspect from an outside perspective as I had only put together a very basic draft of my film. Below is how I developed the editing of the film, what I kept the same and what was changed to what I believe is an improved version and shows the narrative much better along with engaging the audience further.

I decided to re film and re shoot some scenes such as the section where Yoanna discusses her friends back home, I felt that using a zoom into the photos of Yoanna’s friends back home brings more emotion and movement to this scene in comparison to previous as before it was only two stills.

Final edit: Timing of interview over the sequences:
I decided to re edit the timing the way the edit the sequence falls behind the interview, the main reason for this was so the film/stills feel relevant to the audience whilst watching throughout the film to create more impact and engagement. I also decided to rearrange stills inbetween where I thought a sequence was being drawn out, the reason was this was to keep the audience engaged.

Transitions Used & Why I chose to include a title sequence compared to the initial edit:
As the opening scenes are depicting in first person the duration of a train journey arriving in Manchester, the scene of the time of day and the point of view changes in between these scenes and then depicts Yoanna staring out over the city whilst on the train, I noticed I needed to problem solve this issue and I feel it worked successfully as it breaks the two scenes and shows the audience a completely new scene. I overlapped the title, a fade to black on the scenery footage, on the title I added a cross fade just before the footage faded to black to show the end of a scene and then at the end of the title I added a cross fade carrying on to Yoanna’s to distinguish a new scene.

Final Edit: Colour Grading/Lighting
The first edit I changed the colour grading as I was very influenced by my artist research. However this made the opening scenes of the film appear to not be naturalistic which was my intent, I decided that the natural lighting gave the best aesthetic look overall as it was continued throughout.

Final Edit: Differences in Audio Chosen
The interview with cutting away my asking of the questions I feel works well, as it unravels like a story rather than an actual interview and gives it a more personal and intimate perspective.
At first I chose not to have musical audio when editing my final, as I felt it distracted from the interview however some parts I felt did need audio just to bring the whole film together, I chose to use an ambient song to place in the background by The Cinematic Orchestra which is called First Light, I chose to use this as I feel it adds more of a ambient atmosphere and adds more life, I also feel as though it helps to connect the audience to the story Yoanna is telling.

final edit: My Audience.
I feel as though my film relates to the Millenial generation the most, moving away from home to a different country for various reasons as I have noted from my research has been made more accessible to this generation compared to say 10 or 20 years ago all due to social media.

Final Editing and audio balancing
Editing the audio was something I had to pay much attention to detail to and I feel this worked well in the final outcome, for example I think the moment the audio fades out and fades in during the title sequence helps the audience to grasp and digest the title.
I chose to keep the train noise consistent as during the first thirty seconds her emotions of the unknown of moving to a different country by keeping the audience guessing and not revealing straight away what the context and narrative is based around. 

Final edit short: What I would do differently next time
I would keep in mind the time of day I shoot as this gives a big impact to the overall flow of the film once put together. I problem solved this issue due to not continually shooting at the same time of day by adding the title in between the night and day to show the difference in scenes and passing of time as Yoanna talks in the past tense during the interview. However if I am to make a documentary video again I will definitely be keeping this factor in mind unless intentionally choose to show different. Although I am happy with the final edit of my video for Yoanna’s story, I want to be able keep to my intended idea in future and develop it further by thinking more creatively without changing my idea, so by becoming more determined I will aim to do this.





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